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    A Very Merry Weekend

    I need to get back to personal blogging, it’s really nice to read back on. I’m excited for this weekend.  I’ve been sick for the past week (since last Friday) and it’s time for something a little more cheery.  Here’s the rundown of what I’ve got planned: brunch at my favorite secret French spot a nice sweaty workout both mornings cookie decorating and setting up the Christmas tree at the loft a couple holiday parties Tronathon LAN party with the Expensify crew mani/pedi with my sister Christmas shopping (hopefully online) So, yay.  I’ll probably snap some pictures.

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    Speaking About Money & Technology at TEDWomen Parisoma

    Tomorrow (December 8th) I’ll be speaking at Parisoma Innovation Loft following the live broadcast of day two of the TED Women event.  When I was invited to speak, I was honored.  TED is about “ideas worth spreading” and not a platform for talking about my startup, which suits me just fine since I’ve been wanting to branch out and talk about some things I’m passionate about aside from Twilio. My Topic: The Power of Money & Technology to Make Us More Connected I’m fascinated by the fact that we trade with money, and a couple years ago I learned that the earliest writings ever found were of an accounting ledger.…

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    Congratulations TechCrunch

    Congratulations to TechCrunch, who announced yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt that they have been acquired by AOL. I’ve been reading TechCrunch since before I knew I was going to do startups.  It all started because my friend Blake Scholl was doing a startup, and I set up Google Reader to track TechCrunch so I would be sure to see when his company got coverage.  At the time I was working for a Fortune 1000 shipping company as a business analyst, and had nothing to do with startups.  I got addicted to reading the damn thing in the spring of 2007. TechCrunch is the reason I found out about Twitter, Twitter is…

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    Experimenting with Google Scribe

    How would you like to have a program that helps you write blog posts faster?  With Google Scribe I can do just that.  In this post, I will use the suggestions from Google Scribe to generate some content about social media. Social media is finally about the media in the U.S. and Canada only and are not endorsed by or affiliated with Google in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the Site and the related services or any portion thereof at any time and without notice to you and your family to enjoy a good meal and a drink for the first time in…

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    Startup Marketing: 2nd Class Citizen, 2nd Rate Results

    Wait… what? This quote from Steve Blank (which I realize is taken out of context, but such is the nature of Twitter, I’m not sure where he was speaking today) definitely rubs the marketer in me the wrong way.  Why would you ever want to exclude marketing and sales folks at your startup from the launch party (or any of your employees for that matter), as if they had no part in it? Treat Marketing as a 2nd Class Citizen, Get 2nd Rate Marketers My first reaction was to feel at bit nauseous about all the startup founders and employees who are influenced by Eric Ries and his popular Lean…

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    TweetToCall is Becoming a More Social Phone Book

    My beloved side project TweetToCall recently turned one year old, and I’ve been procrastinating on re-styling it to look more like a Web 2.0 service and less like a weekend project.  This post on TechCrunch tonight about the death of phone numbers motivated me to give it an hour of my time while playing Mario Cart with Kevin and digesting an awesome steak dinner I made for us.  Because really, when else can I justify working on a side project these days? The Changelog (Sort of) I had updated the main page with this lovely style inspired by a cool piece of graphic art I bought on iStockPhoto, but still…

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    Tons of Stubs, But No Posts

    I’ve been writing a lot of starts to posts these past two weeks – but nothing that feels fit to publish (yet).  Here’s a teaser of some of the topcis I’ve been mulling over, I’d be curious to hear which of these (if any) interest you: Startup Stuff No One Seems To Talk About — based on a trend I’ve noticed in my conversations with other entrepreneurs about the “unmentionable” elements of entrepreneurship that no one really brings up Twilio Quickstart with Ruby on Rails — port of the Twilio quickstart application from PHP to Ruby on Rails Understanding the Value of MVC Architecture — yep, writing it as I…

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    Objectivism: Simple Tactics to Get Started with Online Activism

    Today we heard an excellent talk from Yaron Brook about the importance of defending capitalism, and he ended his speech with a rousing call to action for the audience.  “I’m willing to put it all on the line, are you?” People stood and clapped, but I left the room wondering whether they realize this isn’t just something that a small set of us need to do. Activism, in small and large ways, is something all of us can help with.  As much as I wish there were enough people who held the right ideas where I could hide behind “division of labor” as my argument, and just go on building…

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    Tips for Asking Good Questions After a Lecture at OCON

    One great aspect of Objectivist Conferences is the opportunity to ask questions of the intellectuals presenting their ideas, immediately following their talks.  Coming up with a thoughtful question can add depth to the topic, and help express misunderstandings that might be shared by a lot of the attendees listening.  However, Q&A sessions have a limited amount of time, so if you’re going to take it up with your question you might as well do a good job.  I personally find it pretty intimidating to get up and ask a question in front of the large audience, however I can tell you a lot from an audience perspective. Write Down Your…