Objectivism Website Index – October 2010

The third installment of my index of Objectivist sites and those with sympathetic ideas is now available, with data from October 2010 from Compete.com.  You can check out the August 2010 and September 2010 lists as well.  I currently monitor traffic for 214 websites, and list everyone with 1000+ visitors here.

Now With Tracking for Hosted Blogs

For the first two lists, I was not able to provide traffic data for blogs that were hosted on WordPress, Blogspot, Livejournal or other subdomains.  Now, I have a paid account with Compete.com which gives me access to that data.  I’m excited to reveal several popular blogs that were previously excluded: Rule of Reason, EGO by Martin Lindeskog, and Bosch Fawstin.

New Additions to the List This Month

We have 10 new additions to the list this month: Objectivist Answers, John McCaskey, Bosch Fawstin, EGO by Martin Lindeskog, Principles of a Free SocietyObjectivism 101, The Prodos Blog, Rule of Reason, A Daily Dose of Reason with Dr.Hurd, and Capitalism by George Reisman

Also, I’d like to note that Rational Mind has been removed from the list because although it an Objectivist site and receives a lot of traffic, it is due to an awesome programming blog hosted by the author at a subdomain, unrelated to Objectivism.  Thank you to David for clearing this up.

October 2010 Index

October Rank Website Oct 2010 Visitors Last Month’s  Rank Change
1 Capitalism Magazine 30224 2 +1
2 Ayn Rand Institute 28725 3 +1
3 The Objective Standard 20032 16 +13
4 Noodle Food by Diana Hsieh 13322 5 +1
5 The Atlasphere 12846 9 +4
6 Ayn Rand Novels 10922 4 -2
7 The Atlas Society 8859 14 +7
8 Leonard Peikoff 8522 25 +17
9 Objectivist Living 7556 38 +29
10 Geek Press by Paul Hsieh 7160 6 -4
11 Noble Soul 7115 15 +4
12 Rebirth of Reason 6864 19 +7
13 Save the Humans 6864 18 +5
14 AtlasShrugged.com 6132 13 -1
15 Ayn Rand Education 6107 8 -7
16 The Intellectual Activist 4588 33 +17
17 Coalition for Secular Government 3719 17 0
18 Ayn Rand Lexicon 3702 7 -11
19 Objectivism Online 3496 12 -7
20 Objectivist Answers 3449 - NEW
21 John McCaskey 3182 - NEW
22 Free Colorado by Ari Armstrong 3112 20 -2
23 Ayn Rand Bookstore 2950 11 -12
24 Strong Brains 2910 26 +2
25 Sense of Life Objectivists 2764 10 -15
26 Bosch Fawstin 2741 - NEW
27 Andrew Bernstein 2572 31 +4
28 EGO by Martin Lindeskog 2437 - NEW
29 Lee Sandstead 2145 27 -2
30 Forum for Ayn Rand Fans 1977 24 -6
31 WhoIsJohnGalt.com 1930 30 -1
32 Danielle Morrill (this site) 1787 35 +3
33 Principles of a Free Society 1748 - NEW
34 Trey Givens 1662 - NEW
35 The Ayn Rand Center 1645 28 -7
36 Objectivism 101 1642 - NEW
37 Nathaniel Branden 1536 23 -14
38 The Prodos Blog 1471 - NEW
39 John Galt Gifts 1378 22 -17
40 Mudita Journal 1356 21 -19
41 Rule of Reason 1326 - NEW
42 A Daily Dose of Reason with Dr. Hurd 1157 - NEW
43 Ada Byron on Objectivism and Liberalism 1104 39 -4
44 Capitalism by George Reisman 1095 - NEW

Giving the List an Official Name

I’m not really satisfied with the “Objectivism Index” because it doesn’t really give it a name to match the purpose of the list.  I’m not deeply concerned with whether or not the people on this list are Objectivists.  Instead, I’m curious to see who is out there having an impact on cultural change in the direction we want to see.  This means that people advocating for capitalism, individualism, and other values are interesting to me… even if they’re not Objectivists.  I think a smaller list that focuses on the success of ARI affiliated sites and Objectivist intellectuals might also be an interesting project, but this is broader than that.

Criteria for Inclusion in the List

With Pamela rocketing to the #1 spot, I expect it will soon be necessary to have a conversation about how this list is put together and who makes the cut, since I’ve positioned it as being primarily about Objectivism and she is a Libertarian thought leader.  I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comments, and I will be writing a separate post soon to further this topic and share my thought process.  Editor’s Note: I’ve removed Pamela’s blog from the list for now, since her connections to Objectivism are a lot less significant than I had originally thought.

Suggestions and Additions

I am still very actively looking for more sites to index and monitor.  There are over 200 websites that I am currently watching that do NOT make the cut for the monthly index.  If you would like to submit your site for inclusion next month, please feel free to leave a note in the comments or contact me using the info found on my contact page.

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29 Nov 2010, 8:19am
by Anonymous



Thank you for compiling this list and, more importantly, choosing such a good question to ask: Who is attracting the most readers of Ayn Rand’s ideas?

This is a useful metric to be tracking and talking about publicly, because it encourages all of us to be more focused on (at least one measure of) the bottom line, when advancing Rand’s ideas in the broader culture.

We have a series of major initiatives in store at the Atlasphere which I expect would have a big impact on our own metrics in the coming months. …Stay tuned. :-)

For the record, for the month of October our Google Analytics shows 19,964 visits from 12,093 absolute unique visitors. For the month of November it went up to 20,875 visits from 13,297 uniques.

I would be happy to give you access to our actual data. Just let me know what GMail account to give it to. You can reach me at joshua [at] atlaswebdev [dot] com.

Warm regards,


Oops, obviously that November data is still incomplete, by a couple days, since there are two more days in the month.

Sure, I’m happy to update it… just send me a screenshot of your Google Analytics dashboard for Oct.1st through 31st and I’ll update the index to reflect that data. Thanks, and excited to hear about the new projects you’re working on

No worries, I’m working on the November index now. Time flies!

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Tried e-mailing you, tried DMing you on Twitter, but no response. Please add Erosophia to the list, we had 2,994 uniques during October. Not sure we we’re left off the list every month…


Sorry Jason, I don’t really pay attention to my personal blog during the week. I’ll working on getting this updated for you ASAP



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