I am CEO and Cofounder of Mattermark, where we’re building deal intelligence tools to help those looking to invest, acquire, partner with or sell to startups to make smarter decisions.

Previous Startups

CEO & Cofounder of Referly, where we’re building social rewards for referring products you love and generating purchases in transition. Y Combinator Summer 2012.

I joined Twilio in March 2009 as Director of Marketing and first employee, with the mandate to acquire customers and build the developer community.  I’ve grown it from a few hundred to more than 100,000 developers, and changed the way developer evangelism is done with our team spread across the United States and Europe.  We’re hiring! I also headed up public relations and analyst relations for Twilio, working to tell the stories of our customers, partners, and community.

Before Twilio, I worked at Pelago where we built Whrrl, a mobile location based social networking, storytelling, and recommendations service which was acquired by Groupon in April 2011.


My mentorship style is a little different, instead of giving prescriptive advice I offer hands on help — as if I was a member of your operations team for the day.  People often ask me to tell them about how we do developer marketing at Twilio, how we run our evangelism program, and how we measure success.

If you work with me, I’ll help you build your press arc, create a spreadsheet of your core metrics from top of funnel to lifetime customer value.  I’m a mentor in residence for 500 Startups, a seed-stage startup incubator based in Mountain View, CA.  I’ve provided mentorship for InternMatch, Mogotix, Punchd, Baydin, Trove (stealth) and many more…  I also work on TwilioFund, a $250,000 “microfund” dedicated to investing small amounts in Twilio-powered startups.

Non Profit

I’m a board member for Startup Weekend, an experiential entrepreneurship educational program based in Seattle, WA funded by Kauffman Foundation.  I’ve been involved with Startup Weekend since I first started working in tech in Seattle, first as an attendee and later as board member helping direct the future of the organization and a financial supporter (Twilio is a Global Sponsor).

Fortune 500

In what feels almost like a past life, and in other ways was the best and most memorable part of my career, I worked as a business process analyst for Fortune 500 global supply chain logistics company Expeditors International. How I ended up there at age 19 is an interesting story for a blog post, but basically I started out as an intern, took a full time job in customer service, automated a ton of processes to successfully turn around a department that was losing money at a local branch office, and became a business process analyst to apply what I learned in that situation to a broader portion of the company.

Family Business

I’ve received most of my education in business working for my father’s finance consulting company, Reliant Consulting & Research, from the time I was 12 years old.  At Reliant I automated the majority of his business processes using Morningstar, MS Access, MS Excel, and MS Windows OS automation tools to generate financial reports that are (to this day!) viewed by hundreds of thousands of Fortune 1000 employees, explaining the progress of their 401(k) plans.  Reliant has $2 billion in assets under advisory for institutions, foundations, and high net worth individuals.

Everyone Needs a Side Project (or Two)

In my free time I’m working on becoming a better software developer, because I’ve really learned that when it comes to getting something new started he (she!) who has the code makes the rules. I have several other side projects, including:

  • TweetToCall – the social phone book app where I’m learning PHP
  • Referly – a URL shortener (that will eventually) disrupt affiliate marketing and make it accessible to anyone
  • NoBetty – the cooking blog where I share my domestic and culinary adventures