About Me

Hi there, I’m Danielle Morrill.

Welcome to my personal website. You may know me as startup founder, angel investor, voracious reader, avid blogger, and lover of spreadsheets. After the sale of my most recent startup, Mattermark, I decided to take a break from working a full-time job to focus on enjoying life in my new city of Denver, after 10 years in San Francisco. I took a 10 month sabbatical, and it was a much needed reset.

I joined GitLab in early 2019 as the General Manager of Meltano, which is a fully remote data analytics startup being built within GitLab. I am now serving as interim Head of Corporate Marketing, covering for a friend who is on maternity leave until August.

I write an investing newsletter called A Ticker A Day, and also co-author BuriedReads, an occasional newsletter, with my husband Kevin. I am also a partner in female-founder focused XFactor Ventures, where we are investing Fund 2.

The Internet has a short attention span, but you might also recognize me from one of my previous entrepreneurial adventures:

  • Cofounder & CEO of Mattermark — acquired by FullContact December 2017
  • Cofounder & CEO of Referly (Y Combinator Summer 2012) — R.I.P. April 2012
  • First employee at Twilio, the cloud communications company — IPO $TWLO June 2016
  • Community Manager of Whrrl (Pelago) — acquired by Groupon April 2011
  • Editor in Chief of Seattle 2.0 — acquired by GeekWire November 2011
  • Business Analyst at global supply chain logistics provider Expeditors International ($EXPD)
  • Analyst at Reliant Consulting & Research (the family investment advisory business)
  • Dropout from Olympic Community College
  • Independent web developer, barista, tennis instructor, day trader, receptionist, stablehand, McDonald’s crew member…

The early days: Y Combinator interviewed me in a series of profiles of female startup founders, where I talk about some of the more formative things that lead to my career building software. Read that here.