About Me

Hi there, I’m Danielle Morrill.

Welcome to my personal website. You may know me as is the Cofounder and CEO of Mattermark, avid blogger and lover of spreadsheets. I am also a public and private investor with a diverse portfolio that includes 30+ startup companies and funds, a Sequoia Scout, Y Combinator alumna, and partner in female-founder focused XFactor Ventures

The Internet has a short attention span, but you might also recognize me from one of my previous entrepreneurial adventures:

  • Cofounder & CEO of Referly (Y Combinator Summer 2012) — R.I.P. April 2012
  • First employee at Twilio, the cloud communications company — IPO $TWLO June 2016
  • Community Manager of Whrrl (Pelago) — acquired by Groupon April 2011
  • Editor in Chief of Seattle 2.0 — acquired by GeekWire November 2011
  • Business Analyst at global supply chain logistics provider Expeditors International ($EXPD)
  • Analyst at Reliant Consulting & Research (the family investment advisory business)
  • Dropout from Olympic Community College
  • Independent web developer, barista, tennis instructor, day trader, receptionist, stablehand, McDonald’s crew member…

The early days: Y Combinator interviewed me in a series of profiles of female startup founders, where I talk about some of the more formative things that lead to my career building software. Read that here.