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Request for Startup: Subscription Car Wash a la WeWork

Request for Startup: Personal CRM for Grown-up Friendships

Request for Startup: Turn Any Spreadsheet Into a REST API + Docs

Request for Startup: Decision Bin (Turn My Email Into a List of Decisions to Make)



Somewhere Over the Brainbow: The Unicorn Window is Closing

3 Phases of Financial Indicators for Startups

Is My Startup Burn Rate Normal?

Embracing the Incrementality Mentality

Startup Marketing: 2nd Class Citizen, 2nd Rate Results

Don’t Waste a Single Moment

Revenue vs. Value

After the Launch

Solve the Problems Your Parents Have

YC Interview Prep

Zombie Startups

I Don’t Do That Job Anymore

Finding a New Voice

The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

Saying No

Getting the Most Out of Startup Weekend



For Seed Stage Startups, It‘s Hire or Die

Q4 2014 Startup Investment at Highest Point In 10 Years

Zombie VCs

Reverse General Solicitation

Request for Startup: Turn Any Spreadsheet Into a REST API + Docs

Exploring the Series B Crunch

Are VC Investors Prepared to Manage Public Company Scale in Private Markets?

My Fantasy VC Portfolio

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results

500 Details: The Process of Mentoring Startups



Targeted Customer Acquisition for B2B Startups

Post Launch Checklist: 10 Tasks You Should Complete

Who Owns the Website, and Why

The Distribution Hacker’s Mission: Create an Unfair Advantage

Go Ahead, Feed the Trolls

Startup Metrics to Obsess Over

Close the Loop on Your SXSW Campaign & Leads in 5 Steps

How to Hustle SXSW for Fun & Profit

Sales & Marketing: The Relationship

Lean Marketing: Understanding Channel Constraints

Just Do…. Something (Small)

Startup PR on a Shoestring



Post Series A Life: Reflecting on Our First Board Meeting and What It’s Like Working with Brad

Welcoming Brad Feld to the Mattermark Team – Announcing Our $6.5M Series A

Thoughts on Launching Our First “Pay What You Want” Experiment

Mattermark Has Raised $2M in Our Second Seed Round

Introducing Mattermark, the Deal Intelligence Company

Mattermark Wasn’t a Pivot


Starting Referly Took Me Three Years

Another $250,000 Committed to Twilio Fund by Dave McClure & Ron Conway

TextWeight Launches to Help Track Weight Loss via SMS

Announcing Twilio Fund: $250,000 for Twilio Powered Startups

TweetToCall is Becoming a More Social Phone Book

Stuff I Built: Simple International Calling Card with Twilio

Call Twitter Friends with One Click Using TweetToCall

Goodbye Whrrl, Hello World Are You on Whrrl Yet?


The $3B+ Exit Tumblr Could Have Had

Silicon Royalty – How a Valley person views a Royal’s visit to London’s tech scene aka Do@ is the Future of the Mobile Browser

Congratulations TechCrunch

iPad in the Wild: Shopping at Ikea

My Best Friend’s Wedding: The Startup

Reflecting on “Stuff”

Time to Say Goodbye Seattle, Hello San Francisco

Why I Won’t Touch LBS with a Ten Foot Pole

SaaS, Supply Chain, PASCAL and Past Professional Lives

What I Want From Location Based Apps? Facebook.

We Are Now Approaching the Futurama

Celebrities Who Treat Twitter Like Broadcasting Medium Miss the Point


Kevin is Leaving Microsoft

Going Mobile in China


Female founder anthem… hello

Over the years I’ve posted a number of tracks and song lyrics, I’ve compiled them in a single playlist using SoundCloud.

More Inspiration

“If” by Rudyard Kipling

“For A Leader” by John O’Donohue