We Are Now Approaching the Futurama

I love commercials, especially ones about the future. Some are inspiring, others are trite, and maybe plain stupid. But the fact that we can dream like this, and then see this stuff come true, is cool.

1939 World’s Fair – a Vision of 1960

“The freedom to think and the will to do have given birth to a generation of men who always want new fields for greater accomplishment, and will always find new things for all others to enjoy. Come, let’s travel into the future. What will we see?”

Also see Part 2

Telepresence (British Telecom)

E-Commerce, Webcams, Email, Home Printing and Online Banking

Tomorrowland – Walt Disney’s Vision of the Future

Microsoft’s Vision for 2019

and this parody of the Microsoft vision…

“kind of like an iPhone, but with this extra piece you can loose sometimes… and on the airlines you can now pay an extra forty-five dollars, to access your child on Twitter… at Microsoft we’d like to remind you, this future is coming and it’s only 498 years away.  See you there…”

And of course, what collection would be complete without…

Apple’s 1984 Commercial

Other Great Videos

Awesome Frigidaire video – embedding disabled

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