About Me

I’m a startup founder with experience in developer tools, machine learning, and data infrastructure. I’ve raised more than $25M in venture capital, sold one company, and worked as an executive for 2 unicorns.

I’m also angel investor, voracious reader, occasional blogger, lover of spreadsheets, snuggler of dogs, and passionate amateur home cook.

Professionally, I consider myself “semi-retired” but also too Type A to actually retire. So I’m also:

  • Cofounder of Groupthink – a collaborative AI assistant that trains on your internal company data and business processes
  • A certified professional coach, focused on startup founders and executives (learn more)
  • Investor in 30+ startups and a handful of funds

You might also recognize me from my previous adventures:

  • Senior Director of Inbound Marketing at Gitlab — I left shortly before the IPO of $GTLB
  • General Manager of Meltano — an internal startup at Gitlab that was spun out in June 2021
  • Cofounder & CEO of Mattermark — acquired by FullContact December 2017
  • Cofounder & CEO of Referly (Y Combinator Summer ’12) — pivoted to Mattermark April 2013
  • First employee at Twilio, the cloud communications company —¬† IPO $TWLO June 2016

The early days: if you want to hear me I talk about some of the more formative things that lead to my career building and investing in software businesses you can read that here.

Let’s stay connected¬† through Hacker News, Twitter, or my Substack