New 500 Startups Batch Announced. Who Has the Most Momentum?

500 Startups announced the non-stealth participants in their current batch today in a TechCrunch article, and while they’ve kindly put them in alphabetical order… you probably know by now that’s not how I roll.

I’ve been tracking many of these companies for awhile now and will certainly start tracking those I missed. It will be interesting to see how this rank and momentum scores at the beginning of the program compare to the end of the program.

Are you a future investor, employee or customer for these companies? Get on it.

My advise to the startups looking to increase their score? Every day we hustlin’ #500strong

Full Disclosure: I am a 500 Startups mentor. I haven’t written a full ethics statement for this blog but this is my rule of thumb: no free equity/options. I make investments from time to time, you can see them on my AngelList profile.

Strikingly, BuildZoom and Bitnami Lead Hottest Y Combinator Winter 2013 Startups

Tomorrow marks 1 month since Y Combinator Demo Day for the Winter 2013 class of startups, and since I’ve been tracking their progress for awhile now I have a pretty good sense of who has seen sustained interest, growing traffic, and increased audience through social media. The weeks after Demo Day were a strange time, in some ways anti-climactic as companies leave the YC nest but also exciting as they begin to close in on funding rounds which will be announced in the coming months.

On 3/25, 4/7, 4/15 and 4/21 we measured of several data points for each company. For this ranking we use Alexa rank (traffic) scaled to product unique visitors, Twitter followers, Facebook followers, and LinkedIn followers to assess who has been gaining the most visibility to customers and the outside world since Demo Day.

Want to analyze this data yourself? Download the raw dataset here.

Of course this is no measure of revenue, but it does give a good sense of which companies have the strongest top of funnel for gaining new leads right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the companies at the top of this list were the most competitive deals for funding, and the most in-demand for jobs.

It will be interesting to see whether this ranking holds up one year from now.

Full disclosure: I have made an angel investment in Bitnami.

Weekly Traction Tracker: Who Is Hottest Among 1,100 Startups?

This post is part of a series on data-driven blogging which includes the Startup Index and Investor Index. I have quantified companies from 500 Startups, Y Combinator, TechStars, Andreessen Horowitz and First Round Capital and would love to hear your feedback on what I should measure next.

I hate subjective top X lists as much as the next guy, and since I’m tracking ~1,100 companies now I thought it would be fun to share the fastest growing folks of the past week. These are this week’s movers and shakers.

*calculated as the delta between the log of the original Alexa rank and log of the new rank. Updated to remove TutorialTab, founder has confirmed the company is no longer operational.

*the @Authy Twitter account followersappear to be primarily spam accounts, they went from 239 followers to 7736 followers in the past week – they say they did not buy followers so they might have been bot bombed.

And my personal favorite, because getting LinkedIn followers is pretty difficult:

And last but not least:

Other Notable Movements in the Data

On LinkedIn companies self-report which bucket company size they are in, and usually this doesn’t move much. However, Task Rabbit and Bizible both bumped up from the 2-10 employees to 11-50 employees size.