Timeline: Starting Referly Took Me Three Years

On Monday we launched Referly, and announced we will be participating in YCombinator this summer. While this is only my second full-time week as a founder, I thought it would be fun to rummage around in my email and Github to grab a timeline of how Referly went from idea to actual company. As Kim-Mai … Continue reading “Timeline: Starting Referly Took Me Three Years”

Reflecting on Women 2.0 Startup Weekend

Two weekends back I joined over 100 people for my 4th Startup Weekend, this time in San Francisco at the newly launched coworking space cubeSF It was awesome,  I was (as usual) feeling like I should be working but I dragged myself there for the panel on Friday night and once I began talking to … Continue reading “Reflecting on Women 2.0 Startup Weekend”