Book Recommendation: Marley & Me

The author of the book Marley and Me, John Grogan, is definitely a kindred spirit. I started reading this book last night while winding down from hosting a BBQ at our house and before I knew it I was 160 pages in. I am a lover of dogs, and grew up with a succession of crazy labs, one bipolar sharpei, and blind and insane hound/mutt. Although the subtitle of the book is “Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog” it is clearly said with affection. Grogan and his wife, Jenny, start out very much like Kevin and I – newly married and ready to take on their first dependent. After reading about their adventures I feel less worried that we might accidentally kill off our “son” – they went through all sorts of nightmarish situations with their dog, many related to his fear of thunderstorms (which doesn’t work out well in Florida).

Our dog, Rafe, is doing well. We have to exhaust him daily with long walks, wrestling, kicking around the soccer ball, and fetching at least a dozen different toys. Yesterday he met a bunch of other dogs in the neighborhood and also my nephew, Matthew, who is almost two years old.

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