Time for Danielle 2.0

Today is my first day working for myself and no longer for Pelago/Whrrl. So far, I’ve gotten some interesting website development work (go WordPress!) for a few individuals and one company, some great ideas for media/content generation, and opportunities to plan events. Things aren’t feeling as bleak as they might given the current condition of the economy. When I tell people I quit my job amongst massive uncertainty their responses are very telling and polarized. Either they say “congratulations” or “I’m sorry”. It’s always an interesting conversation to bring them around to my way of thinking.

Now I get to begin the journey of starting my own company, Social Kind, and figuring out how I want to spend my self-employed time. Before I jump crazily headlong into several exciting projects I’m working on getting my personal life, specifically all finances and little details that I’ve been neglecting in the past few months, in order.

I guess I could call this period Danielle 2.0, a time for me to re-invent myself not as the face of Whrrl but as my own brand and business. And you, dear reader, will have the pleasure (and sometimes pain) of following along as I chronicle how things go here on my own personal soapbox – this blog.

Last Weekend – Broadcasting Live at Seattle Startup Weekend 2

I’ve been intrigued by live streaming video for a few months now, as you can see if you’ve been following the Random Danielle Show. Last weekend I broadcasted live from Startup Weekend with a pre-presentation show co-hosted with Josh Maher (of Lunch 2.0), and a recording  of each of the new startups as they launched. The following and buzz was surprising, and I’ve realized there might be interesting live event coverage from Seattle 2.0 on a regular basis.

Last Night – Broadcasting Live at Twestival

On that note, I gave it a try last night with a live stream from Twestival Seattle with my friend Brian Westbrook as a co-host. Although the event was less structured and content loaded than Seattle Startup Weekend 2, we still attracted over 100 unique viewers through the broadcast. I’m looking forward to making video content (blogging, live streaming, etc.) a more regular part of my activity online, and will be looking for ways to make it pay.

Imagine if I could make a living doing what I love: producing, creating, and editing video content (among other things)! More to come.


  • Anthony Stevens

    Congratulations on stepping out on your own – you are certainly talented and energetic enough to do whatever you want, and on your own terms. I look forward to seeing some cool, creative work coming from you!

    When is the first Social Kind meetup? 🙂

  • Todd Smith

    This is my first time to your blog (I met you briefly on Twitter). And I see that I arrive at an awesome new beginning for you! I took a chance two years ago and left a prosperous wedding photography business in VA to live in WA photographing everything that inspires me and marketing myself on the web. I have no regrets. I think you’re gonna love everything you’ll learn on your new adventure.

  • Anne Geurts

    Congratulations! I just happened upon your blog from SMC Seattle and I will definitely follow your adventures as Social Kind grows.
    I really love the notion of Danielle 2.0, having been through a similar process recently as I relocated to the US.

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