Wantrepreneur? Just DO something.

Funny, the little themes that keep coming back. Last night I asked Chris Pirillo how he got started streaming video, and he said “I just did it”. I nodded, and felt a little sheepish for asking a question with such an obvious answer. Tonight, Brad Feld of TechStars sent the same message in his talk about entrepreneurship – a war cry, and call to action, to JUST DO IT. Rebecca Lovell, Executive Director of NWEN, and others echoed that sentiment when asked what was the most memorable part of tonight’s event.

Brad Feld – cofounder of Tech Stars – “Do Stuff!” from Seattle20 on Vimeo.

This advice isn’t really that surprising, and some might even say it is a tired old adage. Tired or not, it has found particular resonance with me while I’m between “jobs” and contemplating the possibility of starting something of my own. It’s like that book you pick up at just the right time in life, or the song that comes on the radio that captures your mood perfectly.

To be continued… defnitely needs to be more discussion around WHAT to do.


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