On the Road Again

I have that song stuck in my head…

Anyway, I’m travelling for the rest of March so the easiest way for you to see me will probably be online.  Where am I going, you ask?  This week its San Francisco with Twilio, and then Friday I fly to Beijing to visit @MisterMorrill for 9 days, with my sister Meg along for the ride.  Then it’s back to San Francisco for another week with Twilio, and then home to Seattle at least through my birthday (April 17th) when Kevin is coming back to visit me.  Time flies!

Yesterday I hung out with Evan and John at the Founder’s Fund headquarters (zomg the marina, so beautiful!) where we’ve been granted the use of some office space (thank you thank you) and we made some video footage with my HD camera!

Daylight Savings [TeamTwilio] from Twilio on Vimeo.

We’re headed to UC Berkeley today for a startup fair in the hopes of recruiting an intern or two, and I’ll have the camera in hand to capture our adventures.

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