Best Tweets of Tonight’s Hacker News Outage Apocalypse

Hacker News has been down for scheduled maintenance (which is running a bit longer than the Internet expected) for about 5 hours now, based on PG’s tweet:

Apparently people couldn’t figure out how to wake up, drink coffee, eat, go to sleep, start work, not work, read or much of anything else because of the outage. On the brighter side, everyone seems to think developer productivity has increased. Here are some of the most interesting/amusing/sad tweets so far:

The Overall Sentiment of the Internet

And This

OMG So Over

Kind of Like Groundhog Day…

Right Meow

Not Sure This is How a Paradox Works, But Okay…

Just Begging for Me to Say Something Inappropriate

Ah, Now We Know Who Took Down the Site

Got His Wish


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