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I Am Not Waiting Anymore

This post is part of a series called “Playlist” where I post songs I find meaningful in life and entrepreneurship. If you like this I hope you will check out the other posts.

Yet another with less than 10,000 views on YouTube. If you like it spread the word.

American Songwriter has a good piece on the meaning of the lyrics and backstory of the band. It’s the kind of writing Rolling Stone used to do. From the singer/songwriter Christopher Porterfield:

“That’s me saying, ‘You know what, this is ridiculous. It’s time to get real, let’s do this. This being music,” says Porterfield of the aforementioned song. “That song was my personal revelation that if I wanted to try to be a songwriter and a musician that it’s really time to do that and to dedicate time and energy to that endeavor. It’s about the struggle of making art and about destroying things that are precious and it’s about coming to terms with who you are. It’s about being hungry while being patient but mostly giving into the hunger of it and just wanting something.”

I am red in tooth and claw
God’s favorite child, bloodied from the brawl
And this bitterness was killing me all along
I am not waiting anymore
I am not waiting anymore

Blowing through time like nickel slots
In a windowless room, on a credit card
flash it like a semaphore – a vague, drafty metaphor
I am not waiting anymore

I’ve been a keen eyed observer of the movements of concentric parts
Of the bodies, of bones, and breasts and unmapped chambers of hearts

And the sand in hand has been turned to glass
Like a Jeroboam filled with a life that’s passed
You can toss it off the balcony and listen for the crash
I am not waiting anymore

I spent eight long years working on my screenplay
it’s a teen movie with young actresses that plays to the middle aged

I have read between the lines
I have been wrong every time
It burned up on the alter, but I am fine
I am not waiting anymore
I am not waiting anymore
I am not waiting anymore


  • Dave McClure

    yeah, spent 20 years on a journey to find work that matters, and the last 3 working up my courage to really feel confident about where we are going.

    but now i’ve got purpose & passion & wind at my back, and there is nothing that will stop me from mashing that pedal to the floor.

    Release The Hounds.

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