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Clustrix – #5 on YC Startup Index – Raises $16.5M Series C

This morning Clustrix announced they have raised $16.5M in a Series C round from Sequoia Capital, U.S. Venture Partners, ATA Ventures and Don Listwin. They are one of the earliest Y Combinator companies, founded in 2005 with nearly $47 million raised to date. Clustrix was ranked #5 on our Y Combinator Index for April.

The Benefits of MySQL Without the Scaling Limitations

Clustrix scales MySQL databases as engineering operations needs increase, simply by adding more nodes on Amazon Web Services. The company solves parallel processing challenges associated with applications that have a large quantity of data transactions, and is also used by dev ops to get realtime reporting on database performance an automatically scale up our down the number of nodes in use.

Before Clustrix an entirely different kind of datastore, such as MongoDB, would be used. This requires developers to split up their data across multiple servers and use a map reduce algorithm in order to query across all the data. However, developers using Clustrix save time because they can use their existing application code and MySQL connectors and don’t have to deal with sharding.

Possible IPO In Sight?

A PEHub article covering the announcement says:

CEO Robin Purohit told peHUB that the company will likely raise more funding in the next year to bring it to cash-flow positive. “And then we’ll see where the public markets are,” he said.

We’ll certainly keep an eye out for the next REG D to cross the SEC wire from Clustrix, and keep you posted on their monthly momentum and overall progress in the Startup Index.

Photo Credit: Clustrix Facebook page


  • engineer

    Please don’t write about things you know nothing about. In this case, particularly, databases or scalability.

    You’re starting to make TechCrunch look well written.

    • Danielle Morrill

      I’m not an expert in databases, but I am a software developer. Would you care to offer some constructive feedback on how I could do a better job explaining this company in a way engineers can respect and other non-technical folks can also understand?

      • Alex

        I wasn’t the original commenter, however if you’re looking for constructive feedback then a little less buzzword bingo.

        In the article you say “They are one of the earliest Y Combinator companies, founded in 2005”, then go on to say “Before Clustrix an entirely different kind of datastore, such as MongoDB, would be used.”.

        MongoDB and Clustrix really aren’t replacements for one another, completely different use cases, however even ignoring the technical argument, MongoDB was only started in 2007 and first released in 2009 meaning it would be impossible to have been used “Before Clustrix” in 2005.

  • James B.

    I’m a DBA who talked directly with Clustrix managers at the Percona Live Conference in April.

    The article accurately describes what Clustrix does.

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