New York Startup Index: 500+ Companies Ranked by Momentum

This is the Startup Index series, an ongoing effort to measure the momentum of startup companies using external signals. It is calculated based on weighted factors such as web traffic, social media share of voice, inbound links, etc. I usually add some music, to make cruising a spreadsheet a little more fun. Enjoy!

The Startup Index is inspired by the Seattle 2.0 Index, which Marcelo Calbucci produced each month to create a leaderboard for local startups and it is now the basis for the Geekwire 200 in Seattle. But why stop at Seattle? There are many so many startup communities around the world, and today I’ve applied our algorithm to 533 startups from New York that we’re currently tracking. Check them out, see who’s on top and how they’ve been trending this past week, and as always let me know if there are companies I’ve missed and I’ll get them added.


  • Taylor Gould

    BetterCloud! Building management and security tools for Google Apps. Serving over 20,000 companies representing 9.5 million end users at this point. Currently free but moving to a freemium model over the summer.

  • Nick Valuy

    Looks like the index is based on volume of noise (often meaningless) a company generates. I see little correlation with real traction.

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