I’m a Teens in Tech Incubator Mentor

As announced yesterday in Mashable, the Teens in Tech Incubator program will take place over the course of eight and a half weeks during the summer of 2011.

Teens ages 13 to 19 are encouraged to participate in what I think of as summer camp for learning entrepreneurship and building products.  You must be local to the San Francisco Bay Area to apply (for now) and teams must have at least one developer who can code the project at hand.  Finding kids to participate in the program might sound daunting, but Teens in Tech has existed for 3 years now and has the ability to draw young entrepreneurs.

The application deadline for the program is March 18th, so if you know a young aspiring entrepreneur make sure to pass it on so they can register in time.  The program runs June 20th through August 10th, and culminates with a demo day.

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