Measuring Startup & VC Performance – Everyday is Another Chance to Turn It All Around

Today I wrote about some potential methods for benchmarking startup investors, and on a call with a client this afternoon I was asked how I handle the inevitable pushback from investors who aren’t in the top 10 of the list. This the same question I regularly face regarding our approach to assigning scores to startups and the pushback I receive there is similar. My answer right now is simple: this is not predictive.

While this frustrating from a data science perspective, not to mention as an investor (who doesn’t want to predict the next Facebook or Twitter!?) it is heartening as a founder — because every day is another chance to turn it all around.

When we look at metrics, whether they’re “soft” KPIs like web traffic or hard ones like cash flow, it is a reflection of the past. It might be an indicator of the future but we don’t have enough data to backtest and prove that yet. It takes much less energy to make something in motion go faster than does to get it started moving in the first place, so I think a company that has momentum this week is more likely to have momentum next week. Still the most I think we could predict right now is which startups will be competitive for their next round of funding.

The future isn’t promised, in either the positive or negative sense. In financial advising and investing the phrase my Dad always reminded me of went like this: “past performance does not guarantee future results”. Nowhere is this more true than in startups. While we’re busy working on making our measurements, algorithms, and data collection a better reflection of each fund’s reality I hope investors are dropping notes to their companies with helpful value add to bring the bottom to the middle, the middle to the top, and the top to their ultimate outcomes.

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  • “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” That’s encouraging to hear. Thanks for another great post!

  • Time Tracker: An Employee’s Point of View

    It may be hard to realize time tracking in the business world. Employees ask “what’s in it for me?” To use a software solution every day, employees first have to understand its benefits. So, shift the tone from the outset when it comes to the acceptance of the new technology. It’s not about an employer micro-managing. It’s about making freedom for a work team, about getting rid of time waste and enabling staff to focus on what they’re good at – their work.

    Workspace versatility

    A time tracker usage has surprising side effects. When it’s easy to track in and out, no matter where you are, your team have more versatility while still staying accountable to project managers and coworkers. Well, with the automatic time tracker, working from home or on the road is now absolutely under control. Here and now freedom meets accountability.

    Realistic hopes

    Time tracking of specific projects, jobs, or customers with the ability to take records, opens the door to a more simple way of analyzing a workday. If some employees are overloaded or if a project needs more time than supposed, expectations can change in real time. The ability to properly track how long a job takes is the best way for future estimates and to ultimately ease a tension between project managers and team members. This sets employees up for success, time and time again.

    Efficiency can be a way to respect

    Time tracking ends a manager’s checks and teammate’s interruptions by providing a better transparency. Productivity features open the door to the efficiency heaven. When staff can understand who else is on the track and what they are working on, they get the gist of the big picture which supports motivation. It streamlines workflows organically. Best of all, when employees have a paid time off, they can show the data to confirm that too, and get contacted less from the office when at home. Bonus.

    Get employees on first party

    A time tracker that you’re considering is sure to offer some kind of free trial or a demo version. Make sure to try it and use it on as many computers as possible to see the representative data of your organization. Once you and your employees see the results, they’ll love it. And of course, make sure that the vendor you are about to pick provides the customer service above and beyond in those crucial early stages to make it easy for all your team.