Checking On Predictions & Fantasy VC Portfolios

On June 8th, 2017 I made a list of 20 companies that looked ripe for Series A… it has been nearly 4 months and I just checked to see how my predictions are going. 1 out of the 20 has announced their Series A so far: ClearMetal announced a $9M Series A from Innovation Endeavors and Prelude Ventures.

I love to publish picks and then see what happens, and back in February 2014 I shared my fantasy VC portfolio of 7 companies, and then updated it in February 2015 showing a nearly 9.1x* increase in total funding (*excluding the Uber pick) from my initial selection. This group is now at 14x* total funding since my initial selection date, with 2 exits.

Ugh, nothing like embedding a Google Docs spreadsheet to make me wish I was still working on GitSheet!

I’ve made enough different prediction posts at this point, not to mention actual investments, where it seems like a good idea to start wrangling them all into one place. Eventually, one spreadsheet. But for now, let’s continue to time travel…

In June 2013 I flagged 10 Pre Series A Companies to Watch in New York, which included my initial call for Digital Ocean (who had not yet announced any outside funding). Of these companies, 3 raised a Series A, 3 were acquired, 2 shut down, and 2 are still going strong.

To be continued… there are definitely more of these posts hanging around.




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