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    Saying No

    I love saying yes.  I love helping people, and being generous with my time whenever I can.  I love being a mentor.  I love the brain dump, having my brain picked and picking others, coffee, chats, happy hour, walks around SOMA, lunch, drinks, late night drives and all the other social activities that I’ve used over the years to build relationships, dispense advice, and make memories and connections. I love my friends, our regular spots to eat out, drink, brunch, lunch, gossip, bitch, support each other, and hang out. I love my family, our regular 4th of July drunkeness around their pool, riding the horses, fireworks on the Indian reservation…

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    “Faking the Books” by Lali Puna

    We’ve been done before And now we try to forge ourselves We’ve been done before And now we try to forge ourselves I’ll be true again But until then i fake the books ‘cause everybody knows This ain’t heaven Until everybody knows We’ve been wrong before There is a lot that we survived We’ve been wrong before There is a lot that we survived I’ll be true again But until then i fake the books ‘cause everybody knows This ain’t heaven Until everybody knows

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    SaaS, Supply Chain, PASCAL and Past Professional Lives

    I don’t know why, but I rarely write about my “past lives” professionally, even though I think about my experiences all the time and draw on them to help me make decisions. I remember, for example, hearing the term “SaaS” for the first time over four years ago when I was working for Expeditors International. Expeditors is an amazingly successful non-asset based common carrier – in layman’s terms: a shipping company that doesn’t own any planes, trains, ships, trucks, etc. Sound familiar? Like a software company that doesn’t own any computers. They created multi-tenancy for shippers, and I decided to work there because the model is brilliant. How funny that…

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    Is Landmark Forum a Cult? Part 2

    I am consistently surprised by just how much of my web traffic is driven to my original post from over a year ago, “Is Landmark Forum a Cult?” Since I continue to cross paths with Landmark influenced people in my life, I think it is worthwhile to continue talking about my observations.  The friend I mentioned in the previous post stills lives in our house, and recently I had the chance to participate in a very small introduction at home.  I had told her I would eventually do one of these, but I wasn’t willing to make much effort to drive anywhere for it – so eventually she brought it…

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    Yep, It’s Porn – StreamHer.com Takes 2nd Place at Entepreneur Idol

    Ask anyone, I love to pitch.  It’s exciting, you get immediate feedback, and an adrenaline rush – what’s not to love? Last night at NWEN‘s Entrepreneur Idol, I pitched an idea which my husband and I have been discussing over the past couple weeks: live streaming adult content, like Ustream — but for porn (which is against Ustream’s TOS).  It all started when I complained on Twitter that Lovers Package is like going to WalMart to purchase erotic toys and video. First of all, I should probably point out that this product is in the concept stage and no development work has gone into it at this point.  I could…

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    What I Want From Location Based Apps? Facebook.

    It’s been awhile since I did any writing or thinking about what I want out of location based app, but back when I worked on Whrrl as their community manager, this was on my mind all the time.  After I left the company, I kept using the product for awhile until someone asked me if I would still use it if I hadn’t been involved in its creation.  So I decided to take a break from it, and see if I actually needed Whrrl in my life… and to find out what about it would draw me back in.  Recently I downloaded Whrrl onto my iPhone (now version 2.2 I…

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    Are You the Next Entrepreneur Idol?

    Cross posted from Seattle 2.0 NWEN’s Entrepreneur University on Thursday is going to be fun!  Why?  Because in addition to speakers, panels, and mentorship sessions, there will be Entrepreneur Idol to wrap things up.  Tweet your startup tagline to #EUidol and the presenters will be chosen on Monday 11/2.  For many of you reading, that’s today – so get on it!  Even if you aren’t serious about starting your business, getting some practice pitching ideas can’t hurt.  If you are serious, there will be VCs, angels, and press present to make the most of your 60 seconds.  Here’s are some tips from a non-expert. Tips for a 60 Second Pitch…

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    This Year’s Homemade Zombie Costume

    After discovering that Bing is ranking me #2 for the terms “homemade zombie costume” I am very proud!  Back in 2006 I was a zombie, and I’m bring it back this year with another Value Village creation.  This one is a 90s dress that I slashed up, put some fake blood on, and gave myself a lovely head wound.  More pics on Flickr. Perfecting my Zombie Walk at the Bar Good and Undead Looking Good and Dead at the Taco Bell Drive Thru They didn’t bat an eye! What’s a Little Head Wound?

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    Reflecting on Women 2.0 Startup Weekend

    Two weekends back I joined over 100 people for my 4th Startup Weekend, this time in San Francisco at the newly launched coworking space cubeSF It was awesome,  I was (as usual) feeling like I should be working but I dragged myself there for the panel on Friday night and once I began talking to people I was able to shed my work-related stress and focus on the ideas people wanted to make a reality.  As the Women 2.0 blog summarizes: Kicking off Friday night, Tina Seelig (author of What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 and Executive Director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program) moderated a discussion between…