Twitter Tools I Can’t Live Without

Let’s face it, I’m on Twitter a lot. Between @DanielleMORRILL, @RafetheDog, @Twilio, and @Seattle20 I’ve got my hands full. You might think, because I’m on Twitter constantly, that I use a ton of tools. I’ve tried a lot, but only a handful of truly useful things have stuck.

A desktop application for publishing, shortening links, tracking terms, and grouping Twitter follows based on various things; for example I have a “Seattle startups” group and a “brands to learn from” group. I still do a lot of my Twitter publishing directly from the website, even with Tweetdeck. The only downside that I’ve found so far is that it doesn’t, to my knowledge, allow you to manage multiple accounts – so I might be switching to Twhirl soon.

Schedule tweets to go out at future dates/times. This is great if you suddenly have a deluge of things to share, but don’t want to drive your followers nuts.


Auto-create tweets from an RSS feed – like your own blog – so that you don’t have to remember to promote manually it every time you post.

An iPhone application for reading and following along with your Twitter account. A lot of people are recommending Tweetie, but I haven’t switched over yet.

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