Video Fun in Beijing

I spent the week with my husband and sister in Beijing to catch up, relax, and recharge. While here, we had plenty of downtime to have a couple of drinks and make some videos with Meg.

Jaws Theme on Crystal Glasses

We were surprised to discover that the wine glasses provided by Kevin’s fancy-schmancy expat apartment building were actually crystal, and proceeded to experiment with getting them to make different sounds.

Building on My Ustream Adventures Meg Demonstrates Anti-Stripping

Anti-stripping is the act of putting on as much clothing as you can (or in this case, as much as you brought with you) and then taking it off again. It’s actually pretty fun, and video editing makes it look even better.

I’ve got video from being tourists, tons of pictures and more to share so hopefully I’ll get some of that uploaded, tagged, edited etc. tomorrow on my flight back to the U.S. I’ll also be recording my tech events rundown for Seattle 2.0 for next week, so stay tuned. I found a funny outtake from my first one, which has me trying to smile and enunciate a little better by loosening up. You’ll get the idea…

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