What Were You Doing When…?

1 year ago (September 2008)

I was working at Pelago and the Whrrl iPhone application had been launched for about 2 months.  I was transitioning into a marketing and community management role from my previous job on the “data team” as a content monkey.

2 years ago (2007)

I was a newlywed and Kevin and I had just returned from our honeymoon so that I could finish the interview process at Pelago and begin my job there, at my first tech startup (woo!)

3 years ago (2006)

I was recently promoted to Business Process Analyst at Expeditors International and was in the process of saving millions of dollars for the company through improved business processes.  I lived in my little penthouse studio apartment in Downtown Seattle (5th and Wall St), and had a pomeranian dog named Zeus.

4 years ago (2005)

I was recently hired full time at Expeditors International after spending 3 months as an intern, and I was living in a room in a tiny dirty apartment in Downtown Seattle with the strangest roommate ever.  I had been dating Kevin for almost six months.

5 years ago (2004)

I was returning to college for my sophomore year after spending the entire summer traveling around the U.S. and driving cross country.  I was recently moved back in with my parents on Bainbridge Island to save money after traveling so much, and I was working for both the family business and also starting a web consulting business of my own. I was remaking my vision of my life, trying to figure out if I should take my deferred offer at the University of Washington and move to the city or if I should just start working. I began to contemplate an internship at a large company to see what it would be like.

6 years ago (2003)

I was living in Bremerton fully immersed in the music scene with my cat Rocky.  I was about to begin college classes at Olympic Community College after a long summer following high school, with very little motivation or direction.  I took many amazing road trips, read tons of books, and had an incredible amount of angst regarding what to do with my free time.  Ah, those were the days… I also joined another McDonalds near to my apartment and worked a lot of extra hours to pay for all my adventures. I saw the poor working-class side of the world first hand through a lot of my friends and began to realize that without direction it was likely I would end up stuck in this world forever. Time for a change.

7 years ago (2002)

I was restless high school senior who had completed so many credits she only needed to attend part time.  I filled my days with music and art, and a lot of soul searching and wandering.  I was playing and singing in a couple bands and really into the music scene and my boyfriend.  It’s amazing that I graduated, looking back. I was, as always, working for my Dad and the tennis club where I played as well as doing odd jobs on the side, as well as working at McDonald’s which I enjoyed.

8 years ago (2001)

I was realing from the suicide of a friend, and only days from both September 11th and another friend’s drug overdose that would leave him in a coma for six months (it is a miracle he is alive and can walk and talk again) and my best friend (his girlfriend) in limbo for the next year. I was playing tennis every day and was pretty good at it to, and played tournaments around the state.

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