OMFG a Blog Post from Danielle!

I have been working a ton and loving it, Kevin is now here and we had our 2 year wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was very low key because i had meeting until 8pm but we did walk a couple blocks to Chez Papa and when you have a good and reasonably priced French restaurant in the neighborhood it is perfect.

When I say Kevin is here, I mean that he is in San Francisco WITH ME and we are sleeping in the same bed every night indefinitely… his Mom is out of the hospital (for the moment) and we’re trying to have a normal life based out of our little room in our little corner of Potrero Hill.  I’m writing this and thinking of all the people who are reading it and thinking “what – you say you’re so busy wbut how do you have time to write a blog post?”  Let me tell you, these posts these days are a one take deal (with the exception of correcting spelling errors) so I’ve got a ton of drafts on topics that need more thought before they can be posted.

Tonight, though, was exciting because Kevin and I demo’d TOGETHER to the Twitter Developers Meetup Group down at Google in Mountain View.  I’ve never been a presenter before and I guess in a way this little product is a startup of its own, although it took us a total of 80 hours combined to build it over the course of the last week.  I managed to say “fuck” in the presentation which was live streaming on Ustream (yay!) and just so you know the context for that was that the use case for Tweettocall is that situation where you have all these direct messages going back and forth with someone on Twitter, and eventually you think “ah! just fucking call me!” because 140 characters aren’t enough.

It was fun.  Also ran into Jason Preston, a familiar face from Seattle who is one of the organizers for the upcoming Twitter conference 140TC in Los Angeles, CA and I’m thinking we might launch TweetToCall officially at that event.

I’ll be in Los Angeles most of next week for Internet Telephony Expo and I’d love to catch up with friends and connections who are in that area, it has been about 4 months since I’ve been in Southern Cal so it will be nice to catch up although I’m sure I won’t be able to pack everything into the 72 hours I’m there.  If you have any desire to connect definitely let me know.  Okay, I am literally falling asleep typing but Dad I know you read this I love you and I love all the people who I know I am neglecting for the sake of my singular passion for making cool stuff that people want to pay for.  I’ll see you all soon!

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  • Anthony Stevens

    Congratulations on your two-year anniversary and congratulations on all the exciting work you’re doing with TweetToCall and Twilio! Exciting times. Hope you’re enjoying CA but we miss you in Seattle.

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