Is Google Wave the End of Email?

Just had an interesting exchange on Google Wave tonight, which makes me wonder what the future is for email:


We built some cool stuff on Google Wave at Twilio:


  • Daniele Salatti

    I’m testing Google Wave right now, and I must admit that it’s impressive (and now I’m getting used to see other people replying to me in real time…weird!) but I wouldn’t say that this is the end of the e-mail. Not in the short run. Maybe in 10 years…

    See you on GWave.

  • Peter Gorski

    Hey Daniele,

    Oh, I just noticed you went to SF New Tech event… Thanks for coming!

    It is too bad that we didn’t demo a full version of CompanyWave based on GoogleWave Embed. Indeed, email is not going anywhere but Google Wave will certainly replace forums, tweeter, and for some agile-driven teams – MS Exchange.


  • Arvind

    Could’nt help commenting.. though now it is redundant…

    nope, it isn’t 🙂
    the wave created some ripples, and since then, faded.

    Ofcource, who knows when the empire strikes back!

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