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The Great SF Apartment Hunt Begins

While not quite as epic as searching for an apartment in Manhattan, this is the first time in 3 years that I’ve been looking for a place to rent and this time it is in a city that I don’t know all that well. I’ve been reading up on neighborhoods, asking everyone’s opinion, driving around when I get a chance – all hoping to figure out the answer to the elusive question, “where do I want to live?”

It took me a couple tries to get my location right while I was a renter in Seattle, so it would be nice not to go through the trial and error process again. I’ve been renting a room in a friend’s apartment in Potrero Hill for about six months now, but somehow renting a room just isn’t the same as having my own place. Fortunately, it also means that I’m not in a huge rush to find something – more focused on getting it right. I am driving my car down to San Francisco from Seattle early next week, so I need to find a place with parking (willing to pay extra). I’m debating a couple things:

  • studio vs. 1 bedroom
  • month-to-month or short-term lease vs. 1 year commitment
  • does being walking distance to work matter?
  • laundry in the unit?
  • secure garage?
  • could I survive without a dishwasher

To Rent or To Swap?

We have a house in Kirkland and a condo in Seattle, so if we’re able to find someone willing to swap with us that might be a viable (and money-saving) option.


    • Danielle Morrill

      Thanks Adam, checking out your blog now and the site you suggested. Blog comments like this are just one more reason I’m excited to move to SF, friendliest people (well Seattle is pretty friendly, too).

  • Justin Thorp

    *studio vs. 1 bedroom*

    I’m a big guy with plenty of crap so having the 1 bedroom place means that I have a little bit more room to move around. I wouldn’t do a studio.

    *month-to-month or short-term lease vs. 1 year commitment*

    Obviously, will pay less if you do a 1 year commitment. Moving is a pain in the butt. I like my place but don’t love it. Moving would be more work than what it’s worth so I’ve been where I am for 2 years now.

    *does being walking distance to work matter?*

    Before I went to Clearspring, I was able to walk to work. This was AMAZING but I do admit that I like using the commuting time to force myself to read or listen to podcast that I wouldn’t otherwise make time for.

    *laundry in the unit?*

    Heck yes. I hate doing laundry and if I had to take my laundry off premises it’d be even more of a pain.

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