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Get Out the Cameras, It’s Christmas With the Clarks

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you know by now that I have my family well trained to expect a video camera on them at any time.  Last Christmas we were snowbound at my parent’s house, which lead to some real gems.  This year, we only get to spend a couple days with them before driving South to San Francisco.  Here are some of the videos from last year, and I look forward to sharing what we come up with this year in a coming post.

Christmas Morning 2009

Christmas Morning 2008 from danielle morrill on Vimeo.

Preparing Christmas Dinner with Mom

My Mom is a Total Martha from danielle morrill on Vimeo.

My Goals for 2009

I am going to need to follow this with some goals for 2010 – I’ve got my thinking cap on.

My Goals for 2009 from danielle morrill on Vimeo.

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