Wordcamp Boston is Tomorrow!

Wow, this morning I woke up and I’d slept with the balcony door open in 80-degree weather in Miami Beach and now I’m in Boston, and there’s snow on the ground!  The joys of air travel, it’s just amazing.  ITEXPO was a good show, and I’m very happy with the launch of the 1st StartupCamp Telephony, where my company was the premier sponsor and two of our customers presented their startups – I’ll recap on all that soon.

Outside my hotel room

I haven’t been to Boston in almost 6 years, and it’s so cool to be right here next to all the geeky goodness of the MIT campus, Akamai, etc.  In fact, I’m checking on Gary’s Guide and Plancast right now to see if there are any tech/entrepreneur type events scheduled for tonight.  It would be fun to meet new people – I don’t know very many folks in this town at all.

WordPress Boston Tomororw

Tomorrow it’s all about WordPress.  We’ve got a Twilio WordPress plugin that I’ll be showing off, and then I’m speaking about screencasting at Ignite in the evening (right after the closing keynote).  I’m 2nd up, so I need to go watch some YouTube videos of previous presentations and do quite a bit of practicing to get the timing right.

I’m not in love with my slides (quite a rush job) but I think I can compensate for them with great spoken content.  I’ve also been considering making a screencast on how to make screencasts – that way people can see how the entire process works if they like the talk.  If you like this idea, or think it would be useful, please drop a note in the comments.

I’m sure there will be some video footage of the event coming from your’s truly soon.  See many of you tomorrow!  You can follow along with what’s going on using the #wcbos hashtag on Twitter search.

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