Hitting the Road Again

After a couple weeks at home, except for that quick trip up to Seattle for Valentine’s Day and my going away party, I’ve been free of business travel.  I love to travel, but it was good to take some time to be in the office with the team and we got SMS launched.  Sometimes its like we run so hard, our feet don’t even touch down.  Well, I had my time to touch down briefly.  I mean, I did laundry so that means I came home a few nights.  My little room is bursting with stuff… clothes and gadgets, but mostly with papers and books and ideas and my anxiousness to become more connected in this new town.

Tomorrow I’m on the road again, headed to Las Vegas for LeadsCon for a couple days, then back home in San Francisco Thursday and then out again to Sunday for a trip to New York where I’ll be doing some speaking and meeting with cool geeks to spread the word about Twilio, host a hackathon, and maybe even find some people we’d like to hire.  So I’m back late Thursday night from that trip and home for about a week, then off to South by Southwest.  And so it goes.

This song made me think about what its like being on the road.  I’m happy, although I do wish I had heeded my Dad’s advice to travel light and hadn’t bough the house back in ’07. Oh well, live and learn I guess.  Hopefully I’ll see you in my travels.

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