Tons of Stubs, But No Posts

I’ve been writing a lot of starts to posts these past two weeks – but nothing that feels fit to publish (yet).  Here’s a teaser of some of the topcis I’ve been mulling over, I’d be curious to hear which of these (if any) interest you:

  • Startup Stuff No One Seems To Talk About — based on a trend I’ve noticed in my conversations with other entrepreneurs about the “unmentionable” elements of entrepreneurship that no one really brings up
  • Twilio Quickstart with Ruby on Rails — port of the Twilio quickstart application from PHP to Ruby on Rails
  • Understanding the Value of MVC Architecture — yep, writing it as I come to really understand it, so far the key point is the huge increase in efficacy
  • Living Intentionally — stuff about career plans, goals, and some reflection on goals I set for 25 (which I turned in April)
  • If I Were An Angel Investor (Part 1) — a list of early-stage startups I think are really interesting, and might be killer investments
  • No Room for Tall Poppies — response to story I read via Hacker News about anti-intellectual culture of hiring
  • Thoughts on Inception — movie review, thinking I will need to see it again (smart producers!)
  • U.S. Government Requirement for 1099s to Stifle Small Business — activism post
  • Finding Your Own Everyday Entrepreneur — seeing the scrappy awesomeness of everyday choices
  • We Live in Public? — thoughts on Facebook, public/private life online and off, etc. — thinking this won’t go out until the Facebook movie hits theaters


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