• Egoist Paul

    After reading the lyrics of the two songs here, I suspect you put them here for a reason… This is not a random event. What I really want to know is the reason behind it. 🙂

    • Danielle Morrill

      First I need to say that really don’t like either video very much, they don’t do justice to the content of the songs.

      Switchfoot “Dare You to Move” – these guys are actually very Christian influenced, which you might pick on when they refer to redemption later in the song (in the bridge). The first time I heard this song , a couple years ago, I was like, “holy shit, listen to this lyrics – talking about existence and identity… between how it is and how it should be” — I feel like this song is empowering, and also in your face. It’s like “face reality”… but then I don’t get the “salvation is here” part. Anyway, overall I still like the general thrust of the song.

      One Republic “Secrets” – I just heard this song for the first time last week, and I love the cello intro. This one also has very in your face lyrics, basically saying he’s through with bullshit, has nothing to hide, doesn’t care what anyone thinks anymore. I like it.

      • Egoist Paul

        I sense you are in the same psychological state as the singer while singing the song – boredom and tired of bullshit, and are ready to move on to whatever you are going to do…

        I am wondering if this is about the work with Twilio or your personal life…

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