Watching App Demos at TechCrunch Disrupt

I’m here in New York for the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon, which is wrapping up the demos and announcing the winners of a 28 hour hack session that began yesterday and spanned into the early morning hours today.

Hacks Using the Twilio API

Adam and I arrived early yesterday to set up a little table and then find out what people wanted to build.  We hung out with a lot of different teams, and tried to offer our help and brainstorming skills. Originally, we had been thinking of doing our own hack project but wound up never starting it because we were in so many awesome conversations.

I’ve been liveblogging the demos that involve the Twilio API on the Twilio blog, including snapping quick videos of them with my HD Flip Mino.  Congratulations to, NewsCred, FBcall, Phonzy, and Mr.Stabby for successfully creating your projects and demoing on the big stage here.

Mr.Stabby Video!

Check out the videos here, and my blog post on Twilio.

The Winners

The winners will each get to demo on Wednesday to a packed house

  • Future Mario
  • Twitter Demographics
  • WorstPhoneEver

Honorable Mentions:

  • iPad Safety Strap
  • Mr.Stabby

Now onwards to see which of the 100 startups presenting wins the TechCrunch Disrupt cup during the conference this week!


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