PopExpert Raises $500,000 Seed Round for Lifelong Learning Marketplace

San Francisco based PopExpert has raised a seed round for its live video service, according to documents filed with the SEC. The website connects people who want to learn new skills to a broad range of experts, let’s learners search by price and availability, and handles the scheduling and payments. Yesterday they featured 3 popular guitar teachers offering lessons on their site, and have experts in other areas like nutrition, entrepreneurship, software development and many more categories.

Experts can sign up to offer their services, set their own price and manage their sessions through Pop Expert – making it somewhat similar to Clarity which allows individuals to manage phone based “clarity calls” offering coaching, expertise, and advice.

According to Facebook, I have 1 friend already using this app and it is being used by 300 others – pretty awesome traction for a company that appears to be flying a bit below the radar until now. I’ve signed up to teach so I hope you’ll come check out my profile and sign up for an available time slot.

I just tested out my video connection, and I’m ready to rock.

PopExpert is cofounded by CEO Ingrid Sanders and CTO Jeremy Thomas, who share a background at The Active Network and the service is currently in private beta. You can visit their website to request an invitation.


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