119 Investors Actively Doing Series A Deals Since March 1st

Strategy #1 for Surviving the Series A Crunch: If you must pitch, at least pitch investors who are doing Series A deals right now. It will save you time and heartache.

Despite the doom and gloom predictions about Series A Crunch there were 119 institutional investors (according to Crunchbase) who participated in a Series A round since the beginning of March 2013. I have ranked them by historical deal involvement size, and as a rule of thumb companies nearer to the top of list list are more likely to lead Series A rounds and companies lower on the list are more likely to participate (there are tons of exceptions) updated the list, based on a great deal of helpful feedback, to show the funds alphabetically. I hope to offer more data on fund size and percent of capital deployed in the future.

Hey investors, do you belong on this list? Get busy! Or, if I missed your deal let me know and I’ll update it. My email is morrilldanielle (at) – I am actively updating this list regularly.

Active Series A Investors January 1, 2013 to Present


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