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And Suddenly It Is August… Again

For someone whose life revolves around the internet, you’d think I would update this website more regularly.  I keep looking at that phone purse entry and thinking, “oh that wasn’t that long ago” when in fact that was May, and this is August.  As usual, a ton has happened in the interim and I have lots of blog post stubs to prove it.

What I’ve Been Up To

  • Fell in love with TurnTable.fm for music listening, sharing, and social discovery
  • Rented a beach house with a bunch of Kevin’s extended family and bonded with my new niece, Isabella
  • Became a ranked StarCraft II player (15 wins so far this season!)
  • Had the usual crazy-fun time at my parent’s house for the Fourth of July along with Meg and her boyfriend
  • Joined the board of advisors for Seth Blank’s startup Trove
  • Launched Twilio Client, an SDK that enables developers to build apps that make/receive calls directly in the browser (!)
  • A damn fine launch party in the coolest sequin covered dress ever!
  • Bought a whole bunch of Maggy London dresses on Amazon to “pivot” my style to a more grown up Mad Men inspired office glam
  • Had an epic night of karaoke courtesy of Roger Niner at Butter

And of course… a soundtrack for my life…

What’s Coming Next

First, let me just say that having Twilio Client released for the world to see after 9 months is really awesome — it always gets unbearably hard to hold back talking about an awesome new product release and its nice to not have to worry about it being leaked anymore.  As for what is coming next from Twilio, there isn’t really much I can say… other than that our usual process is to release something and then focus on customer feedback and plan our next move based on what we learn.

In other news, here are some of the upcoming activities and goals I’m looking forward to:

  • Figuring out how to put my hair into victory rolls
  • Celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary with a trip to Hearst Castle
  • Figuring out what kind of shoes go with all these dresses
  • Adding the next round of improvements to one of my side projects, refer.ly
  • Getting re-leveled to the gold league in SCII and made even playing an IRL tournament
  • Folsom Street Fair is coming up in my neighborhood Sept 25th (link is NSFW)
  • Getting back into cooking
  • So much more…

All in all, life is good and I think after this weekend I will be fully recovered from “launch mode”.

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