Geek Girl Haul: The Corner Store

I’ve been thinking about how people make product placements online, and probably have watched over 100 “haul” videos trying to understand why they get hundreds of thousands of views.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t make my own, and on a startup budget I don’t have that many purchases I can recommend. Fortunately, Alexandra and I took a walk to the corner store today so I was able to find somethings I love around the house. I wanted to do something a little different, so I tried “Daria Style” in honor of the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon. Enjoy.

And because you won’t read the video description…

Would you like to buy the products featured on this video? YOU CAN!

“Its really a good option for if you’re having a down day”
Mango Melon Laffy Taffy:

“specifically caffeine free because, you know, my hands can’t be shaking when I’m tearing massive holes in the universe with my incredible code”
Caffeine Free Diet Coke:

“any beverage that is pre-mixed is the best choice”
Skinny Girl Sangria:

“this is usually a good after-dinner drink, or maybe with dinner, if it’s pizza”
Hidden Valley Ranch dressing:

Compare it to:

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