Call the Shots & Stop Being So Nice

I gave a long rambling talk at Thinc Iowa.  So rambly in fact, that I was scared to watch it on video for a few months.

Here’s the short version:

  • Stop being so nice
  • Gather the facts and judge people
  • Don’t be the no in your own life
  • If you don’t make decisions no one will
  • Inertia is death

Don’t miss the part where I tell people to STOP DOING ALL THE THINGS and also the part (around 17:20) where I’m really honest about how women having the biggest problem with being too nice.


  • Leah Neaderthal

    Great talk. I think a key point here is that the opposite of nice isn’t mean. (e.g. when you stop being nice, it doesn’t mean that you’re now being mean). It means being decisive, being selective and putting your business first.

  • Lisa LaMagna PR

    Some of the best advice I ever got came to me from a multi-million dollar telecom saleswoman: Don’t be nice. If you’re nice, men think you want to Fk them. So don’t waste time being nice. Just get the business done and put that first. And yes, not being nice does not equal being mean, of course. Good talk on a Saturday morning, Danielle, thanks.

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