Graphicly Raises $300,000 Using MicroVentures P2P Funding Platform

Graphicly, a tools and distribution platform for visual stories like digital comics and children’s books, raised $300,000 on the MicroVentures according to an SEC filing today.

This funding comes in addition to It is unclear whether this investment rounds out the $1M announced earlier this year, or additional funding, but often with crowd funding platforms a seperate entity is formed for each of the smaller investors to commit capital, and that entity in turn invests in the startup. This also keeps the cap table much simpler. I’m digging in further to find out how MicroVentures works.

In 2010 Graphicly participated in Bizspark and made this video (below), which discusses the original vision for digital comic books. Since then they have expanded their focus to include all kinds of content and offer distribution to platform Kindle, iOS, and NOOK.

MicroVentures is an Austin, Texas based P2P startup funding platform similar to AngelList and Funders Club where accredited investors gain access to pre-screened investment opportunities. Their site indicates the Graphicly offering took place 01/07/2013.

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  • Micah Baldwin


    Would be nice to chat about these things prior to your posting, given the inaccuracies in your post. I appreciate your desire to report on tech comings and goings, but even Techcrunch shoots the founder a note prior to posting.

    As a founder and mentor, I must say I’m disappointed.

    720-248-8499 – cell

    1) you have categorized our companies offerings incorrectly. A bit of research would have revealed that.
    2) it’s unclear if its part of the announced financing, because you didn’t ask.

    Happy to chat. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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