Wiggles of Hope: Yahoo Stock on the Rise, At Highest Point Since May 2008

If you invested in Yahoo the day before Marissa Mayer was announced as the new CEO you’re probably pretty happy right now. The price has climbed from $15.36 per share on July 15, 2012 to close at $26.58 today – a 73% gain. For long suffering employees with underwater stock options and shareholders waiting for the price to move this undoubtedly comes as a welcome change.

Yahoo’s stock price is now at it’s highest since May 2008 thanks to a steady stream of acquisitions including the purchase of the Tumblr blogging service for $1.1B today, policy changes and other positive PR for the company. While this is still a far cry from the 10 year high in late 2005, or peak price of over $100/share in 2000 prior to the dot-com crash, Mayer has done more to move the needle in her 10 month tenure than the 4 predecessors who came after Jerry Yang’s departure in 2009.

Scroll down to see Yahoo vs. Google stock price growth comparison for the past year.

Google vs. Yahoo Stock Price Growth – 1 Year Comparison

HT: Hacker News, Images via Google Finance


  • Anon

    From your angle Danielle, it does look like a good investment. However Yahoo is still not out of trouble yet. Marissa has been a big morale booster for them and she has lots left to do.

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