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    We Launched – Check out Twilio SMS

    I love when I can finally talk about something secret that I’ve been working on.  Yesterday we launched Twilio SMS, a new API that makes it ridiculously simple (or as someone on Twitter said, “stupidly simple”) to send/receive text messages from Twilio numbers. Here is the screencast we made to go with it – which I am very proud of 🙂

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    Launching a New Blog: ConstraintMarketing.com

    While I love my DanielleMorrill.com blog, it is pretty much a smattering of random things I am thinking about and pieces of my personal life.  And don’t worry, I won’t stop writing here, but I am looking forward to creating a more structured home for all my ideas about how marketing can be done effectively at startups. Lately, I’ve been following along more closely with Eric Ries, Steve Blank and others who are talking about Lean Startup.  I think it is really cool that “lean” has finally made it down from the ivory tower of Six Sigma to the nerf gun wielding floppy haired startup kids.  And with the state…

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    Ignite WordCamp Boston Videos

    Want to watch one of the super-fast presentations, or weren’t able to make it last night?  Never fear, Flipcam HD to the rescue!  These are also on YouTube for your embedding pleasure. Getting the Moneyshot: Making Screencasts without Going Insane – by Danielle Morrill (me!) You Beta’ Test Your Plugins – by Michael Erlewine Turning WordPress Into a Social Media Monitoring Dashboard – by Kevin Palmer Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Publishing Platforms – by Eric Buth more coming soon, they are still uploading on the airport wifi…

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    Wordcamp Boston is Tomorrow!

    Wow, this morning I woke up and I’d slept with the balcony door open in 80-degree weather in Miami Beach and now I’m in Boston, and there’s snow on the ground!  The joys of air travel, it’s just amazing.  ITEXPO was a good show, and I’m very happy with the launch of the 1st StartupCamp Telephony, where my company was the premier sponsor and two of our customers presented their startups – I’ll recap on all that soon. I haven’t been to Boston in almost 6 years, and it’s so cool to be right here next to all the geeky goodness of the MIT campus, Akamai, etc.  In fact, I’m…

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    Time to Say Goodbye Seattle, Hello San Francisco

    Cross posted from Seattle 2.0 >> A series of events yesterday convinced me that it’s time to write the blog post that I haven’t being willing to touch for over six months.  This is the blog post that says goodbye to Seattle and hello to San Francisco. Seattle is a great place to start a company and, after traveling a ton this past year, I strongly feel it is also one of the best places on Earth to live.  I anticipate that you, Seattle 2.0 readers, might point out that it seems a little ridiculous to be editor of Seattle 2.0 and then to move away.  As numerous people can…