“Towering” by Seryn – with Incomplete Lyrics

9,233 views on YouTube… whatever.  This is great music.

And because I could not find the lyrics online

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh-oh, Oh-oh
Oh-oh, towering
Oh-oh, towering
Oh-oh, towering
Oh that we’re only able to see now
We anticpate
What will become
This is not easy
We underestimate
Only the lonely get away unharmed
But even the lonely have their scars
Oh that we’re only moving right along
And oh-oh-oh-oh

Oh, that we’re only
Where this is moving
We can feel the …
Come like the sun
Know that you’re glowing
Feels like we just begun

Oh that we’ve only just arrived
All that we have is … inside
Only the lonely get away unharmed
And oh oh oh-oh-oh,

Instrumental break

Only this one sweet hour (heart..?)