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    I Don’t Do That Job Anymore

    Something has changed, permanently, in me. I’ve been trying to figure out how to express it, because the transformation has been so interesting, unexpected, and meaningful to me. If you are a first time founder, or planning to be, this might resonate. I’d love to know if you’ve had a similar experience and what that was like. Jobs I Don’t Do Anymore These aren’t job titles, but roles I’ve played in the past that I no longer care to play. During YC (Summer 2012) I made a clean break from a lot of these things in order to totally focus on building Referly, and after letting those activities go for…

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    “Slow & Steady” by Of Monsters and Men

    The lights go out, I am all alone All the trees outside are buried in the snow I spend my night dancing with my own shadow And it holds me and it never lets me go I move slow and steady But I feel like a waterfall Yeah, I move slow and steady Past the ones that I used to know My dear old friend, take me for a spin Two wolves in the dark, running in the wind I’m letting go, but I’ve never felt better Passing by all the monsters in my head I move slow and steady But I feel like a waterfall Yeah, I move slow…

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    Don’t Waste a Single Moment

    I’ve embarked on a new adventure as CEO & Cofounder of Referly – a startup that is helping anyone earn rewards for referring products they love and generating purchases.  We are in the YCombinator class this summer.  Learn more at http://refer.ly Lately I’ve been waking up really early, and working “farmer hours” (StarCraft caster reference – there are farmers who have 9-to-5 schedules, and gamers who get up late and stay up late).  It started back in October when I made my first extended trip to London to launch Twilio into the European market, and then I would come back and keep the early morning schedule so I would be…

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    Saying No

    I love saying yes.  I love helping people, and being generous with my time whenever I can.  I love being a mentor.  I love the brain dump, having my brain picked and picking others, coffee, chats, happy hour, walks around SOMA, lunch, drinks, late night drives and all the other social activities that I’ve used over the years to build relationships, dispense advice, and make memories and connections. I love my friends, our regular spots to eat out, drink, brunch, lunch, gossip, bitch, support each other, and hang out. I love my family, our regular 4th of July drunkeness around their pool, riding the horses, fireworks on the Indian reservation…

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    My Favorite Drink: The Kir Impérial

    Editors Note: A lot of you mentioned that I had a very strange glass for a champagne drink and you’re right – but usually I am drinking and working at my desk on the weekends when I have this… so the Bodum double walled tumbler is perfect. It keeps your drink cold much longer without ice. YMMV ———————- Want to know the fastest way to make my day?  Order me my favorite drink, or know how to make it. What’s in a Kir Imperial? 6 parts Champagne or sparkling wine 1 part liqueur framboise (raspberry) It’s really simple actually, and this picture should give you a sense of how pink…

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    When I’m not angsting about being a citizen of the world sometimes I feel like this… video thanks to the guys at IndieRockReviews.com. Now if only someone could get a reliable set of lyrics… When all the leaves are brown And the sky is grey We won’t just dream the Californian Dream We’ll live the Californian Way Datarock – “California” from stereogum on Vimeo.

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    And Suddenly It Is August… Again

    For someone whose life revolves around the internet, you’d think I would update this website more regularly.  I keep looking at that phone purse entry and thinking, “oh that wasn’t that long ago” when in fact that was May, and this is August.  As usual, a ton has happened in the interim and I have lots of blog post stubs to prove it. What I’ve Been Up To Fell in love with TurnTable.fm for music listening, sharing, and social discovery Rented a beach house with a bunch of Kevin’s extended family and bonded with my new niece, Isabella Became a ranked StarCraft II player (15 wins so far this season!)…

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    Reflecting on “Stuff”

    As I make the move to the Bay Area, dealing with my “stuff” is a big thing.  Going from a 4,000 square foot house to a 10′ by 12′ room in a friend’s apartment has been an adjustment both physically and mentally.  But more interestingly, its lead me to reflect on all the stuff I have and what it really means to me.  This Paul Graham essay on Stuff from 2007 also resonates with me. The Story of My Stuff In 2004 I purged everything I owned except for what would fit into the Land Rover I bought, and moved to downtown Seattle.  That felt great, and being free of…

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    The Great SF Apartment Hunt Begins

    While not quite as epic as searching for an apartment in Manhattan, this is the first time in 3 years that I’ve been looking for a place to rent and this time it is in a city that I don’t know all that well. I’ve been reading up on neighborhoods, asking everyone’s opinion, driving around when I get a chance – all hoping to figure out the answer to the elusive question, “where do I want to live?” It took me a couple tries to get my location right while I was a renter in Seattle, so it would be nice not to go through the trial and error process…